Ruby Tuesday and Uptown Girl have been best friends since high school. She doesn't have a lot of friends due to her strong personality. Although tough on the outside, Ruby let's her guard down around her best friend and confides in her. She has a strong sense of justice, though, combined with her cynicism. She enjoys watching people get what they deserve. With Uptown Girl's prodding, however, Ruby usually does the right thing.

When Ruby Tuesday's temper is triggered, it is something to behold. As some of the local villains know, pushing Ruby too far means disaster, no matter how great the odds.

Ruby graduated college with a major in art and used her degree to land a job teaching at a local middle school. When she isn't teaching, she can usually be found drawing. Ruby is very dedicated to her art and will spend much of her free time creating. That is when she isn't laughing at Rocketman getting into trouble or begrudgingly getting him out of it. Her dream is to create a comic book or cartoon that will live on after she is gone. Ruby's dedication to her art tends to alienate her from others in her life, but anyone who meets her sees her passion for what she does.