Rocketman is all about fun. He loves extreme sports, video games, action movies and anything else that can get his blood flowing. Responsibility and thinking things through are not on that list. His attitude towards his job at Walls Mortgage earns him the constant ire of his boss, Mr. Klaw. Rocketman has no realistic plans for his future. One day he'll want to be Batman, the next a fire fighting pastry chef on Mars. He has no idea how to fulfill these dreams, and even if he did, his attention span is so short that there woud be no point in pursuing them.

He is content to live in the now, and while he knows that someday he'll have to grow up, he cannot see that day approaching. Rocketman enjoys hanging out with Uptown Girl and Ruby Tuesday, even if they spend alot of time doing lame "girl stuff". Uptown Girl is like his big sister, who tolerates him no matter what. He likes pushing Ruby's buttons to see how angry he can make her, but he sees it as a game, not as being malicious. He has no romantic thoughts about either girl, as his romantic aspirations are set on his co-worker, Kate the Great.