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The Uptown Girl DVD is available at local stores but also available at the Smallpress Swapmeet.

The dvd includes the movie, plus bonus features, including:

      Excerpts from Auditions
      Commentaries by Bob Lipski and Ben Mudek
      Commentaries by the cast
      Delted Scenes & one alternate shot
      Outtakes and actor screw-ups
      Behind the scenes footage
      Original art used for animation
      Production stills

In the autumn of 2004, Ben Mudek, a local filmmaker approached me about making a short film based on my comic. Originally going to be an adaptation of issue 17, the movie was eventually a film version of issues 4 and 9. Ben wrote a script based on the two issues, but also threw in elements of other stories as well. Auditions followed in the spring of 2005 and filming began a few weeks later.

The filming took place around various parts of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, as well as surrounding areas. Although the film was live action, there was animation in it as well, done by Monkey With a Moustache Entertainment. The film made it’s debut at Fallcon, Minnesota’s largest comic convention in October of 2005.

The film was shown publicly several times, including the Bryant Lake Bowl’s independent film festival, the Rochester public library, as well as the DVD release party, which was held on November 16th, with live music by Chris Barber 3, Guitarzan vs. Basszilla featuring Drumasaurus Rex, and the Hundredth Monkey (who did the music for the film).

'The Uptown Girl Movie' remains one of the highlights of my life. I got to meet some incredible people, including skilled technicians and talented actors and develop friendships.

Working with Ben was a great experience, and never in all my dreams did I expect a live action movie based on the comic!

Below are pictures of the filming and other events.


Uptown Girl
Billie Jo Konze

Ruby Tuesday
Deanne McDonald

Nate Westover

Sulky Girl
Kelly Gilpatrick

Party Girl
Kristin Richardson

Andrew Kraft

Ryan Pajak

Mrs. Henry
Pamela K. Kaufman

Directed by Ben Mudek
Based on the Comics by Bob Lipski
Sulky Girl Created by Brian Bastian
Producer Ben Mudek
Associate Producer Tom Oszman
Director of Photography Samuel Fischer
Screenplay by Ben Mudek

Uptown Girl Billie Jo Konze
Ruby Tuesday Deanne McDonald
Rocketman Nathaniel Westover
Sulky Girl Kelly Gilpatrick
Trash Andrew Kraft
Trampoline Ryan Pajak
Party Girl Kristin Richardson
Mrs. Henry Pamela K. Kaufman

Ryan Young
Chris Houstan
Peter O' Gorman
Jake Jezusko
Mark Hedlund

Assistant Director Mike Wilson
Script Supervisor Kevin Patrick Allen
Script Consultant Maureen Morrison
Production Assistant Ryan Hamilton
Production Coordinator Tom Kristjansen
Camera Assistants Mark Williams
                              Jon Holzshuh
Grip/Electric Anthony Dubose
                      Laura Cervin
                      Adam Haviland
Production Designer Erika Dodge
Editor Ben Mudek
Boom Mic/Sound Recorder Tom Smouse
Sound Designers Ben Mudek
                          Jay Flemming
Computer Animation Jerry Belich
                                 Brian Quarfoth
Line Art Bob Lipski
Digital Painting Ben Mudek
Storyboards Bob Lipski
Craft Services Dolores Mudek
Art in Ruby's Apartment by Laura Geror

Nick Montgomery
Cynthia Montgomery-Gonzalez
Chip Pechges
The Whole, U of M Campus
David Allen Hill
Dream Haven Books, Minneapolis, MN
The 318 (Coffee Shop) of Excelsior, MN
Bellagala, St. Paul, MN
Laura Frank
Corrin Thorson


      The Uptown Girl movie had it's first day of filming on Sunday April 17th. Almost the entire cast was there, with the exception of Trash and Trampoline. This scene takes place at Clubland, a popular nightclub that Uptown Girl visits. It was filmed at The Whole, a small club on the University of Minnesota campus.

      It was the first time I had met the actors, and they all did an awesome job. It was such a thrill to see this!

SCREEN CAPTURES - 07/27/2005

      When it came time to prepare the DVD release, the actors were called back for a photoshoot for the cover.