Uptown Girl is a monthly comic book following the adventures of Uptown Girl and her two friends Ruby Tuesday and Rocketman. Uptown Girl is an all-ages comic that aims to entertain adults and children alike. Uptown Girl was created by Bob Lipski who writes and illustrates the comic. On occasion Uptown Girl’s adventures are written by Brian Bastian, creator of Tommy Chicago.

     In the spring of 2002, the first issue of Uptown Girl appeared on the shelves of comic book stores in Minneapolis. The following month, the second issue appeared. Uptown Girl has been published on a monthly schedule ever since. The first year the comic was a little rough around the edges but Uptown Girl’s world was being created. Uptown Girl lives in a world where anything is possible, from sock puppets that come to life to wizards that can control the weather.

     Uptown Girl and her friends have had their share of adventures, whether it was fleeing from a dangerous, psychotic robot, rescuing Rocketman from a pair of werewolves or nursing a broken heart.

     Uptown Girl gathered a dedicated following and started to get the attention of critics and the media. Lipski was featured as the cover story for the entertainment section for the Post Bulletin, a newspaper out of Rochester, MN in the fall of 2004.

     Newsarama.com, the internet's largest online comic community featured Uptown Girl #31 as their independent book of the week (November 21st 2005).

     Uptown Girl was named by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune as one of the best local comic books in 2006.

     Uptown Girl volume one Begin the Begin was published in August of 2005 which collected the first 12 issues of the comic. The second volume, Black and White World collected issues 13-24 and came out in October 2005. The third volume came out March 2006, titled All the Right Friends. The latest collection, Building a Mystery was published in 2007. Uptown Girl Collections can be purchased online. www.dreamhavenbooks.com/lipski.php

     In the spring of 2004, filming began for 'The Uptown Girl Movie', an independent film that was written and directed by Minneapolis filmmaker Ben Mudek. For more on the movie, click HERE.

     Uptown Girl can be purchased through a subscription where the comic can be mailed to your home every month. For more information, click HERE.
Photo by Christina Paolucci/Post Bulletin